Choices, Sacrifices, and Bacon

“Oh, I could never eat that healthy. I enjoy food too much.”

I think we’ve all heard someone say that. Maybe we’ve said it ourselves at one point or another. Or ,“I enjoy bread too much”, or “pasta”, or “donuts”. Whatever it is, the person is claiming that their absolute passion for said food is making them incapable of attempting to clean up their diet.  They look at people who eat a diet based on fresh fruits and vegetables, seafood, and locally-raised meat and think one thing: sacrifice.

They see people making choices to eat the best food available to them within their means, and think, “What an awful existence! You’re not really living life if you’re limiting yourself like that”.  They say, “I would eat like that too, but life is short and you have to enjoy it.”

But is eating the most thoughtfully raised meat and freshest seasonal produce really a sacrifice? Is avoiding processed foods that were made as cheaply as possible really a loss? Does cooking your own food so that you know what went into it and can enjoy the process make you a martyr?

This is not a sacrifice.

Or is it simply a choice?

A choice to be in control of what you eat; to end your cravings for sugar so that you can enjoy the occasional treat and not feel like it’s constantly gnawing at you. A choice to learn to cook so that you don’t have to rely on restaurants and fast food for delicious meals. A choice to not make your body work so hard and fight against the inflammatory food you’re taking in, but to nourish it instead.

Making good food choices doesn’t mean giving up every food you love. It means finding new foods, gaining confidence in your ability to take care of yourself, and enjoying your old favorites on occasion.

Getting started does take some practice and forethought, but like most things it gets easier the more often you do it. What you’re really doing is taking responsibility for what you eat everyday:

  • Finding recipes that look good to you.
  • Making the commitment to go grocery shopping.
  • Setting aside time to cook your meals

It does not take superhuman willpower. And it’s ok if you aren’t perfect all the time.  It’s just a choice to do your best.

And the last time I checked, it’s not a sacrifice if it comes with bacon. 🙂


~ by 8weeks2thrive on March 20, 2012.

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