Snake Oil

Lose 10 lbs in 10 days!  

Magic diet pill!

Melt your fat away!

Diet and exercise not required!

Shrink unwanted belly fat!

Usually many of these claims come with some celebrities endorsement that the product changed their life.  These products typically all guarantee maximum results with minimum effort all an easily affordable price.  Jillian Michaels or Dr. Oz says so!

All these products are marketed by companies that want to make money.  In order to make money, they need your money!  Unfortunately, there is no such thing as an easy fix.

Guess what?  It takes a lot of effort to gain weight.  Lots of effort eating countless bags of oreo’s, whoppers, coca cola, Kool-aid, pizza, etc.  And a whole lot of doing nothing.  Lots of a lot of calories, and lots of a lot path of least resistance movement.  If it takes lots of effort to put on weight, it will take even more effort to take off!  Regardless of what Oprah says.

So you think you are too heavy?  You want to lose weight?  You want to get healthier? Great!

Let’s look at what will be involved.  Remember maximum effort to put it on means maximum effort to take it off.

Here is my checklist!

  1. Sleep- You need 8 hours a night.  If you have lots of stress, you will need more than 8 hours.  You have no stress?  8 hours of sleep.  If you do not sleep enough, your body fat will not change.
  2. Stress- All types, physiological or psychological, reduce it. Stress in life, hinders fat loss, especially stubborn fat loss.
  3. Make sure your hormones are in check- this relates back to sleep and stress, as if you are getting both, the levels of stress hormone, cortisol will be lower, or normal.  High levels of cortisol impede fat loss.  Insulin is another hormone you need to make sure is in check.  high insulin, means fat storage.  Also means mores inflammation, meaning more cortisol.  How to control insulin?  Rid your diet of excess sugar (artificial sweeteners as well), and fast absorbing carbohydrates.  Sex hormones play an important part here as well.  Low testosterone, or low estrogen levels could lead to fat storage.  Guess what?  Lack of sleep and lots of stress lowers sex hormones!  At various life stages it may be harder to get all hormones dialed in, however, if you can control sleep, stress, and diet you will be much better off.
  4. Wheat- Get rid of it!  It causes physiological stress, it causes inflammation, it causes insulin levels to be high.  Go grain free!
  5. Interval Training- High intensity exercise and weightlifting.  Make muscle, work out in short and intense spurts, burn fat, boost your metabolism, stay healthy, and reduce stress.
  6. Genetics- Sorry you cannot change your genetics.  Some people store fat differently than others.  It is very difficult to change where you store fat.  However, if you can control sleep, stress, and diet, you won’t store as much.

Just as an added note, I do not personally view weight as a 100% reliable matrix of health.  Weight can be a correlate of health, but not an end all or be all.  How you look and how you feel is much more important than any number a scale throws out at you.  If you want to look better naked, you need to compare your naked self before and after!  A number won’t tell you you look better!  Grab a camera, and take some photos of you naked (or in your skivvies)!  Now you have concrete evidence to compare your after to!  Just don’t let TMZ get a hold of the pictures 😉


We have seen celebrities market Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers,


~ by 8weeks2thrive on March 6, 2012.

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