Peeing Your Money Away on Fred Flinstone

Vitamins come in two major classes, fat soluble and water soluble.  The fat soluble vitamins are absorded very similar to the way that the body absorbs fat, and include Vitamins A, D, E and K.  Many of the other vitamins and minerals for that matter, are water soluble.  Minerals are chemical elements required by living organisms.

If you go down any pharmacy or retail outlet, you will see aisles stocked with different brands of bottles of multi-vitamins or bottles of a single vitamin in larger doses.  There is a lot of money in the vitamin pill industry, as many Americans, feel that ingesting a pill a day has them covered.  A major problem with a majority of these vitamins, is that much of your precious money is flushed away (yes, that fluorescent yellow urine a few hours after you take a pill is your money.  Like anything else, good quality vitamins cost more.  Did you really think for $10 you could get 90 days of quality vitamin and mineral delivery?

One main issue is that many of the formulas do not contain the vitamin in its natural form, or contain the vitamin or mineral in a form that is not easily absorbed.  Synthetic Vitamin A is different than the Beta-Carotene you will get from food.  Folic Acid, is not the same as naturally occurring folate.  Folic acid is a cheap derivative (it also does not cross the placenta very well!). Another problem with pills is that they do not contain all the other naturally occurring molecules that are found in nature in a food which help assist the absorption and assimilation of a vitamin, or mineral into the body.

Whole, unprocessed foods (grass fed meats, vegetables, fruits), alongside containing all essential vitamins and minerals also give you greater overall nutrition, more essential fibers, and other protective substances you won’t find in a pill.  The best defense against vitamin deficiency is to eat as broad a variety of fruits and vegetables, along with pasture raised eggs and meats.  Make sure you spend a little extra on good quality produce, ones which smell sweet, have a good taste, and lots of color. When organic produce is on sale, buy it up.

A great source of many vitamins and minerals are root vegetables.  Carrots (A, K, and B6), parsnips (B1d, folate, phosphorus, copper and manganese), Sweet potatoes (A,C, B6, copper, manganese).

If you feel your diet is not balanced properly from food alone and you wish to take a multi-vitamin, make sure the brand is one which uses the whole-food variety of the vitamins and minerals.  One brand which makes quality supplements is New Chapter.  You can find their stuff on


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