Counting Calories, Weighing and Measuring, and Food Quality

Are you one of those who has spent time obsessing over how many calories you need to eat in a given day?  Making sure you do not exceed a certain calorie amount, so that the calories you take in is less than the calories you burn in the gym? How has that worked for you long term?  I know for me, it has always resulted in my being hungry all the time, and when I get hungry, I get cranky.  I also do not enjoy food, I am more tired, and forget having the energy to work out, although, I need to burn more calories than I ingest.  Recipes for failure.

How about weighing and measuring foods to try to get the right macronutrient ratios?  I tried this once.  What a pain in the ass! Did it last? About two days.

One of the things most important to Nutrition, Diet and Health when it comes to the foods we eat, is food quality.  Eating a 100 calorie snack pack of Oreo’s is not food quality.    Food quality means getting rid foods made in a factory somewhere by machines (guess where bread, pasta, crackers, etc are made?), and enhancing your diet with foods made in a field somewhere, by mother nature.  Natural foods have the essential vitamins and minerals added in from the soil.  Factory foods may have vitamins and minerals added in but those have been chemically synthesized in another factory.  When you take vitamins and minerals outside of the context of the food they are part of, things just don’t work as well.

The great thing about enhancing food quality is you don’t need to count calories, or weigh and measure.  Eat meat.  Eat a ton of veggies.  Eat until you feel full.  Eat again when you are hungry, but when you snack, don’t snack on something manufactured, snack on something grown.  Put the food scale and calorie counter away.  Just eat the food that mother nature gives us, and you will end up healthier and happier!


~ by 8weeks2thrive on January 25, 2012.

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